Floribbean Spice


Savory and sweet without the heat. Did we mention it’s also salt free? Bring a touch of the tropics into your kitchen with this Floribbean favorite.

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Floribbean Spice

While not officially an authentic Caribbean seasoning, Floribbean Spice is more of a Floribbean tribute to the influences our island neighbors have contributed to the tropical flavors we enjoy all along the Florida coast.


Caribbean cuisine is derived from the ultimate flavor melting pot. Our neighbors to the East were ideally located on the early spice trade route to the Americas and took the culinary influences of the various cultures from all over the world along with the spices that graced their shores and fused them into pure deliciousness. 


What Does Floribbean Spice Taste Like?

Many Caribbean favorites include a lot of savory and sweet flavors and a punch of heat like the always popular Jamaican Jerk. Floribbean Spice on the other hand is jammed full of island flavors without the heat. It has a well rounded savory flavor with a bit of sweetness and a slight peppery touch from the black pepper and cayenne pepper. A pleasant flavor that adds that unique island flair to a variety of dishes.  


Not only is it flavorful without being hot it is also one of our many salt free seasonings. 


What’s in Floribbean Spice?

Floribbean Spice is blended by hand from granulated garlic, minced onion, ground allspice, paprika, brown sugar, thyme, ground cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, lemon peel and cayenne pepper.


How to use Floribbean Spice

Floribbean Spice is a versatile seasoning that can be used to add tropical flavor to a variety of dishes. We have used it on chicken, fish, ribs, pork and goat. It is a great flavor for chicken wings especially if you are seeking something with more flavor than heat. Goat is a typical red meat on the islands. Check out our recipe for Sweet & Savory Meatballs


This super versatile seasoning can also be made into a dipping sauce by combining 2 tablespoons of spice mix with 1 cup of ketchup. Perfect for dipping fries and chips. 


While similar in flavor to the well known Jamaican Jerk seasoning we like to use Floribbean Spice when we are looking for a bit more sweetness and not the heat.


If you’re a fan of Caribbean flavors then you’ll want to check out our Jamaican Jerk and Mojo seasonings.

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Granulated garlic, minced onion, ground allspice, paprika, brown sugar, thyme, ground cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, lemon peel and cayenne pepper



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